LifeWell Springs Vision

“Each new day we can be as magnificent as the dawn.” ~ Richi

Our Intention

LifeWell‘s intention is to fulfil the wonderful dharma of the InnerSprings Axiom, supporting and promoting any and all successful wellness practice or philosophy which guides us with integrity into an empowering understanding of innate wellbeing and of nature centric healing. To make genuinely life transforming guidances available to all.

Our Way

We continue to utilise the most honest and successful wellness practices and wholistic health sciences emerging today, and integrate them within the LifeWell Wellbeing System, using the InnerSprings Axiom as our ever discerning compass (if it isn’t authentically nature-centric it isn’t likely to be LifeWell!). Working with the most sincere, knowledgeable and experientially expert guides through a diversity of channels (Springs!), so to help facilitate the creating, cultivating, and nurturing of a new wholistic age of wellbeing on Earth.

Releasing and nourishing the paradise within us to unleash the potential for paradise all around us.”

With the calibre of shining Elements within our LifeWell Wellbeing System, we work to reveal nothing less than true Psychological & Emotional Freedom, Physical Vitality, Mind-Body-Spirit Wellbeing & Abundant Whole-Life Fulfilment!

Our Ethos

LifeWell‘s inception arose from the passion to be helpful. Our Guides, Coach’s and Friends come together through a common intention to help quicken the integral dawning of a new wholistic age of personal, communal, and global wellbeing.

“I seek my own enlightenment, vitality, and wellbeing, for the benefit of all.”