InnerSprings Weekend Experiences with Richi

Revealing the Inner-wealth to enrich and uplift your world

LifeWell InnerSprings Retreats are the fulfilment of a passionate intention to bring the most genuinely life empowering retreat experiences available in the UK!

Inspiring and Awakening weekend experiences guided by Richi, with exceptionally expert guest guides!

Take a look at these videos featuring the luxury facilities of our Five Star Luxury eco-build lodges, and get a glimpse of the awesome setting which rests within the heart of “Constable Country”, amid the serenity and beauty of the Suffolk countryside…

*New 2014 InnerSprings Retreat Date Added for August!

*No more availability for 2014! To get priority notification of our 2015 Retreat dates – click Here!

Benefit from the insights and lifestyle shifts of a true Self-Healing Master! Gain the precious knowledge of what it was which reversed Richi’s lifetime of debilitating ill health. Learn how he baffled doctors throughout his journey by traversing symptoms as severe as total physical debilitation, by uncovering Alchemical Mindstates; potential states of exuberant self-healing which are accessible to us all. Discover how his body appeared to miraculously heal itself within days of making integral lifestlye shifts into more natural living, harnessing the medicinal potential of simple everyday foods. And share in the Enlightening experiential understanding of health, healing and happiness which has yielded the liberating insights of the InnerSprings Axiom The key to unlocking true psychological and emotional freedom, and unleashing our greatest health potential.

Awakening Retreats with Richi on Meeting Truth