LifeWell InnerSprings Retreats

Revealing the inner-wealth to uplift and enrich your world

LifeWell InnerSprings Retreats are the fulfilment of a passionate intention to bring the most genuinely life empowering retreat experiences available in the UK!

Inspiring and Awakening weekend experiences guided by Richi. With exceptionally expert guest guides!

It is the deepest priviledge to be facilitating these special Retreat Weekends at such an idyllic location! Our guests will not only benefit from these life transforming guidances, they will also enjoy free use of luxury spa facilities, a deliciously rejuvenating Wholefoods & Superfoods experience, and Five Star accomodation in Luxury eco-build lodges which rest within the heart of “Constable Country”, amid the serenity and beauty of the Suffolk countryside…

InnerSpring Retreats

LifeWell InnerSprings Retreat Weekends offer the following integral Wellness Elements which form the pioneering LifeWell Wellbeing System..

The InnerSprings Axiom;

Richi’s personal InnerSprings guidances! Singularly transformative experiential insights into creating exuberant health, happiness and true wellbeing, explored through these exciting themes – LifeForce Realisation, The Core Insights of Wellbeing, Innate Thriving, and Cell to Soul Wellness & Wellbeing. The knowledge Richi has to share with us gained from his own personal transformation from physically debilitating chronic illness, and the deepest of mental and emotional adversities, is nothing short of life changing!  Serving as the essential Wellness Element of our LifeWell Wellbeing System and the inspiration for these life-liberating weekend experiences!

HeartSprings Hypnosis & LifeWell GeneSpring Activation;

Wonderful hypnosis experiences brilliantly developed to bring a liberating coherence within our heart and mind, allowing us to effortlessly access healing on the deepest psychological level without the outmoded need to revisit the past or to dwell on personal boundaries. These experiences will serve to “unlock” and unleash your optimal genetic expressions (Epigenetic Coding), for freeing and exploring your highest potentials of health, healing, happiness and over all wellbeing!

LifeForce Nutrition;

Living Foods, Raw Foods, Super-Foods and Super-Herbs healing and thriving strategies, shared with a refreshingly inclusive while deeply informative approach.

InnerSprings Weekends are especially EXCLUSIVE!
Richi returns to the UK from the South American Andes for only a few months a year to offer this wonderful opportunity to benefit from a singularly transformative retreat experience!

Seize your moment!

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An InnerSprings weekend Experience is for you if you find any of these statements to be true for you…

  • You want to be truly at peace with yourself, free from being drawn into other peoples emotions and dramas, and free to live your life to it’s fullest, and most phenomenal!
  • You would like your happiness not to be so effected by other peoples behaviour.
  • You desire and need more energy and exuberance in your life, and to live your life with more health, joy, peace and purpose!
  • You are feeling lost, weary or confused, as to what changes to make in your emotional life or in your lifestyle, to bring you the health, happiness and inner sense of freedom which you so desire and deserve!
  • You think you know what changes to make in your life but you just can’t seem to make the shift into fully making them, or when you have made them, life becomes too hard to keep going. Postive thinking becomes frustrating, like being in a tug of war with your own mind. Healthier lifestyles feel like ongoing sacrifice, and don’t bring you the joy of just letting go and feeling relief from the pressure of trying to get it right.
  • You feel like sometimes you have heard it all! You understand what you have to do, but you struggle to actually live by that understanding, and to bring what you know intellectually into your actual experience of life in the meaningful way which you know you can!
  • You are a health or wellness coach and you want to deepen your ability to be successfully helpful. (LifeWell Certification Available!)
  • You want to benefit from the guidance of experts who have actually lived the transformation themselves; lost the weight, healed the disease, rejuvenated their whole life experience inside and out, creating and inspiring success and abundance!
  • You know in your heart that this life can be so much more for you!
  • You want to enjoy a beautiful weekend, with beautiful people, in a stunning setting, with luxurious facilities, and catered with deliciously wholesome Food!


“These insights are not being expressed here now, so to help you manage better with physical or psychological discomfort, they are intended for you to realise total psychological freedom, physical vitality, and wholistic wellbeing. The innate states of life which are our birthrights. Not heights of joys to strive for, but the foundations of our life experience from where and with which we explore into all the adventures of our lifetime.” ~  Richi

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