The InnerSprings Axiom

“At the core of each of us and within the essence of all life, pulsates the energy and wisdom of creation. This wisdom knows what to do, this energy knows how to do it.”


The InnerSprings Axiom is a term coined by LifeWell’s patron – Wellbeing Guide and Self Healing Master, Richi. It is an ever discerning compass, an insight as simple as it is sophisticated and one which keeps us aligned with an authentic intention to be helpful. It is our understanding that no genuinely helpful practice or philosophy, or in other words no “truth”, contradicts the InnerSprings Axiom. And anything which does, leads us away from that which helps us know health, healing and happiness. Unfortunately no-one can be taught the InnerSprings Axiom, we must feel it for ourselves… yes we know that is from the Matrix!

So what is it? It is the message contained within every ancient wisdom tradition, within all the enduring spiritual teachings, and also within modern science – The universe is working perfectly. AND as an embodiment of the universe, so are we! The problem is that we are effectively disconnected from that perfection, by the emergence of dysfunctional thinking which has us dissected into worry and confusion. Often separated completely from our authentic selves, and that fluid access to the innate wellbeing life offers. LifeWell’s work in alignment with the InnerSprings Axiom and in service to Richi’s guidance, is to help us to reconnect with not only the knowledge of that perfection, but more the “sense” of it within us, so that we may explore and explode our highest health potentials, together.

An InnerSprings insight

“…This immaculate essence of life which would form the unshakeable core of our life adventure, simmers beneath our intellectual pursuit of understanding, awaiting to be awakened and expressed into our lives. This awakening can happen in a flashing instant of insight, or during a journey of realisations which cultivate the unlocking of psychological freedom. In either and both cases there is an integration to nurture, one which brings modern day human context to the timelessness of ancient spiritual wisdom, and which brings the light of that wisdom into and through the confusion of a modern life filled with seductions into conflict, dis-ease, and despair.

In a world at odds with itself, it has proven a struggle for us to integrate our understandings into our lives; to bring the transformation we yearn for into being. Yet the key to that integration and transformation is simply to know the truth of who we are. Beneath and beyond the clamour of our thoughts, and the chaos of our feelings, there is an InnerSpring, an innate wellbeing and wisdom which is woven into all life, and which when accessed and allowed can breathe harmony into all things, into all circumstances, into all relationships, and into all people. This spring is the GodSpring, the BuddhaSpring, the ChristSpring, the TaoSpring, it is the eternal and immutable spring of life, an infinite well of wellbeing which lives within all life, and is accessible to us all the moment we find our way into letting go of whatever submerges it from our direct experience…”

Extract from the book Alchemical Awakening by Richi

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