“LifeWell’s Patron and Guiding Visionary”

“At the core of each of us and within the essence of all life, pulsates the energy and wisdom of creation. This wisdom knows what to do, this energy knows how to do it.” ~ Richi


Mind-Body Wellbeing guide, and Self-Healing Master

Before Richi was of school age, he intuitively discovered meditation as a solution to the insomnia caused by his childhood sickness’, and severe pain. The adversity of his poor health was multiplied by the turbulent contrast between the inner-peace he uncovered, and the chaos of the outer world, conspiring a great and growing life challenge, which is familiar to all of us in theme if not degree. A journey, which through intense adversity gave rise to deep insights into the human experience and the true nature of wellbeing, cultivating powerful experiential knowledge for how to transform human suffering, and experience an inspired life of wellness, freedom and happiness.

Richi surfed increasingly debilitating ill health by virtue of the mental approach to life which his meditative experiences had cultivated within him; unearthing deeper insights and emotional serenity, which contrasted ever more intensely with the clamour of culture and challenging personal circumstances. As he grew into his teens, culture offered it’s own solution for the contrast – escape through hedonism and excess! And so he delved into alcohol, gambling, drug and sex addictions, re-experiencing and deepening his experience of physical and emotional adversity, again and again. While ever deepening the knowledge of those transformative insights he discovered as a child, eventually appreciating their powerful relevence to the way we all perceive and experience our lives.

Having traversed debilitating ill health and transformed intense mental and emotional anxieties, Richi was asked by a specialist doctor stunned by his story how he had accomplished what he had in life while challenged so profoundly. In seeking an answer to that question Richi found clarity through recognising a unifying principle of  life, the power of which he had known experientially throughout his life but not identified consciously, an understanding he termed as The InnerSprings Axiom. With a conscious focus on this insight he fully rejuvenated his physical condition by creating a healing natural lifestyle which exploded the life potential of the healing mindstates he had discovered. His multiple health conditions evaporated, allowing a well of energy to be channelled into helping others.

At the age of 29 amid this time of transformation Richi fell into a prolonged medititive Lucid Dream state, leading to a profound experience of bliss and insight which he has referred to lightly as having been given “a backstage pass to the Universe”. An experience of enlightenment which gave life to The InnerSprings Axiom, and his teaching of innate wellbeing, which he has since shared in the integrative context of all the liberating insights of his journey; The experiential knowledge of his self-healing, which brings clarity and context to the frontiers of psychobioligical and food-health science. Together with a grounded and refeshingly scientific spiritual perspective of our emotional and mental wellbeing, which when shared ignites empowered shifts into true Psychological and Emotional Freedom, Physical Vitality, Wholistic Wellbeing and Abundant Whole-Life Fulfilment.

Richi is founder and guiding visionary of the LifeWell Institute, aswell as patron of the Holistic Future Network, the we for Wellness project and LifeWell Wellbeing hubs initiative.

Richi is now taking a limited number of bookings for one on one guidance. Unfortunately Richi is unable to accomodate everyone who registers during this application period, but all of those who apply will be automatically carried over to the next booking period later this year. You can submit your application here